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Follow the below steps in SSMS

Tools –> Options –> Environment –> Keyboard –> Query shortcut

Ctrl+F1 - select top 5 * from
ctrl+2  - Select count(1) from

Open the new query window and just type the name of table, select it and press the shortcut given above. The result is displayed.

Besides this below are the default shortcut given by SSMS.

Alt+F1  sp_help -- Select table name/Object name and hit shortcut key. It will give result of the table structure alongwith datatype and datalength
Ctrl+1   sp_who -- This shortcut will show you status of connection for each database and details of user details i.e. hostname, dbname, login name etc.

You can set any shortcut provided in the query shortcut window for any sql statement.

You can also define shortcuts in BIDS. i.e. to resize and allign the ControlFlow/ DataFlow items.


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